My ISPO 2013 marketing winners

This year ISPO also awarded the best marketing projects of the year. Since they award products in different categories and markets, the year 2013 was the first one awarding brands and companies for their marketing approaches and innovations.

Where gravitation loses the meaning: Slackline

Without any special introduction: urban sport of tommorow :) some great actions from ISPO 2013.

Football content is the king

Which brand is the most successful using YouTube as a communication channel? At first glace many people would say Nike due to its successful campaigns for FIFA World Cup and recently finished Olympic Games. But - here are the numbers. 

WTA heroines – Will advertising make a new tennis star?

Three young women in light dresses holding ten...
It is like day and night: there is hard to find a free seat on ATP tournaments, while on the other hand it is hard to find sold out matches on women's courts. WTA recently started with a totally new, modern, stylish and fabulous advertising campaign Strong is beautiful. Will that really help bring tennis fans in front of TV and to the events?

Creativity is the indispensable ingredient of all success

Seaway is the world's leading boat development company, based on the J&J design studio created by brothers Jernej and Japec Jakopin in 1983. Japec is one of the most successful businessmen in Slovenia, who aren’t aware of how Seaway contributes to the recognition of Slovenia all over the world. We rarely see their ads, but we all know that they rock in the world of business.

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